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FREE Furnace Tune Ups for Residents of the Central and Kinsman Neighborhoods

Experts recommend that homeowners have a qualified heating professional inspect their furnace and heating system prior to the beginning of the winter season every year. A routine inspection and “tune-up” can ensure that the furnace works efficiently thereby reducing energy costs and making it easier for individuals to stay safely in their homes longer. In some cases, it may even save a life by detecting health and safety hazards. With the recent frigid temperatures, it is especially important to make sure that furnaces are inspected!

From February 1st- February 28th 2014, Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. (BBC) will offer a free furnace inspection and “tune-up” to income eligible residents of the Central and Kinsman neighborhoods who own and occupy their homes.

Only a limited amount of applicants will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Services include:

Checking the operation of furnace thermostat

Performing a carbon monoxide check

Checking operation of safety limit controls

Checking gas piping and blower operations (lubricate fan and motor assembly as required)

Inspecting and cleaning the heat exchanger, venting system, and flue passages

Checking and adjusting the condition, tension, and alignment of a fan belt

Cleaning pilot assembly/burners and visually set for proper ignition and combustion

Replacing air filters and instructing householder on proper filter replacement

Insuring that heating fuse circuit is identified on electrical service panel

Cleaning furnace exterior

Eligible Income (must be equal to or less than):

1 person

2 person

3 person

4 person

5 person

6 person

7 person

8 person









For more information, or to request an application, please call BBC at 216-341-1455

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