Board of Directors

Larry Jones II – President
Bara Watts – Vice President
Michael Schoop, Ph.D – Treasurer
David B. Roney – Secretary
Mildred Cephus
Dawn Glasco
Christopher King
John Anthony Orlando
Jaime Parker
Emily Trier



(Direct phone numbers for each staff member follow their title, where available. Click the appropriate staff member’s name for their email address or use their first initial and last name

Joy D. Johnson – Executive Director
Tiffany Allen-White – Director of Community Relations & Internal Operations – 216-859-8569
Sherita Mullins – Director of Supportive Services – 216-342-2861
Dawn N. Mayes – Director of Neighborhood Planning and Engagement – 216-342-2717
Michael McBride – Director of Real Estate Development
William A. Willis – Economic Development Manager – 216-342-2935
Laura Williams  – Executive Assistant – 216-342-2952
Gwen Graffenreed – Receptionist, Buckeye Office
Bianca Butts – Neighborhood Services Coordinator 216-415-8616
Ciara Wilson – Community Outreach Coordinator (Buckeye)
Mikal Jeanbaptiste – Community Engagement Specialist (Central & Fairfax)
Nailah Ingram – Property Manager
Brian Webster – MyCom Regional Director
Monika Anderson-Yates – Office Manager



Jae Williams – General Manager, WOVU 95.9FM – 216-342-2963
Tieran “TC” Lewis – Production Director (contractor)
Christopher Westbrooks – Music Coordinator (contractor)
Charles “Trey” Modlin – News Coordinator (contractor)



Social Enterprises

Phillip Hatcher – Operator, Neighborhood Landscaping Enterprise (contractor)

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