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BBC’s primary service area consists of the 1990 version of Cleveland’s Ward 5, which is comprised of large portions of the Central and Kinsman Statistical Planning Areas (SPAs) designated by the City of Cleveland, as well as much smaller areas of the Fairfax and Union-Miles SPAs. Major thoroughfares in our approximately four-square-mile area include Cedar, Central, Quincy, and Woodland Avenues; Kinsman Road; and E 55th Street. Please click here for a map.

Characteristics of these SPAs, which have suffered decades of disinvestment due in large part of structural racism, include a predominantly black population, very high poverty rate, disproportionate amount of rental housing and high concentration of public housing, and vast amount of vacant land.

However, due to an infusion of hundreds of millions of dollars of new investment over the last decade, the tide has begun to turn and these neighborhoods are experiencing an exciting rebirth. Since 2000, over a thousand units of affordable and market-rate housing have been constructed in the community, and every year, Central leads east side neighborhoods in housing sales over $100,000. These neighborhoods are becoming the home of the most creative, aspirational development projects, such as BoxSpot, WOVU 95.9 FM, and a possible new sixty-acre metropark. Active and engaged resident leaders are also pursuing their own projects to make their neighborhoods great places.

BBC’s service area accommodates several regionally-renown institutions, including Cuyahoga Community College Metropolitan Campus, Cleveland State University, St. Vincent Charity Hospital, and Vocational Guidance Services. We are centrally located just minutes from Downtown Cleveland, the Health Tech Corridor, University Circle, Maingate Business District, and celebrated arts, culture, medical, and educational institutions.

Our secondary service area is the entire east side of Cleveland.

In 2017, we began providing community development services in the city’s Buckeye-Shaker Square and Buckeye-Woodhill SPAs. Currently, a staff of three manages real estate development, housing repair programs, small business assistance, and community outreach, with support from other staff members.

For more information about these neighborhoods, we recommend the following resources:

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