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Arbor Park Place

When Arbor Park opened in 2005, it was the first large-scale retail development project in the Central neighborhood in over 40 years.  The $6.2 million redevelopment of the former Longwood Plaza eliminated a neighborhood blight and serves as a striking example of Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc.’s social- and community-benefits approach to commercial development.

In the year before Arbor Park was redeveloped and opened, Longwood Plaza had been the site of more than one hundred recorded police incidences.  The year after BBC took ownership and redeveloped the property, the number of recorded incidences dropped to three.  Since opening, Arbor Park Place has created over seventy-five new jobs, more than half of which have been filled by low-to-moderate income neighborhood residents.

Area stakeholders take great pride in Arbor Park Place, and have cultivated it as the “town square” of the Central neighborhood and a center for community activity.  Today, Arbor Park provides residents with a convenient place to  pick up household items and drop off their kids at daycare. Our success in redeveloping Arbor Park Place demonstrates that not only can strategically planned retail and commercial development create jobs and bring viable shopping services to the community, but it can reduce crime and improve neighborhood safety as well.

In 2017, Arbor Park underwent a series of capital improvements aimed at updating the properties appearance and enhancing visitors’ experience.

Tenants: Kids Korner Child Enrichment Center |  Dollar Mart
Address: 2500 E 40th Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44104
Leasing Information: BBC is looking to fill three vacancies at Arbor Park Place.  If you are interested in opening a restaurant or retail space in the Central neighborhood, please call FASS Real Estate Services at (866) 861-4761

Bridgeport Place

Bridgeport Place, a $2.2 million commercial space on Kinsman Road and East 72nd Street was completed in late 2007.  The 13,200 square foot, new-construction development became the permanent home for Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc.’s offices, as well as Sunshine Café, Cornucopia Place, and the Cleveland Public Library Garden Valley Branch.  The latest addition to Bridgeport Place is BBC’s brand new community radio station, Our Voices United (WOVU 95.9 FM).

Bridgeport Place complements recent and on-going development activity in the Kinsman neighborhood, including the Heritage View Homes, Anton Grdina School, , Kinsman Road resurfacing, the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority’s headquarters, and the Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone. 

Tenants: Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. |Cornucopia Place | WOVU 95.9 FM | Cleveland Public Library Garden Valley Branch
Address: 7201 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44104
Leasing Information:  If you are interested in leasing a restaurant space in Bridgeport Place, please call FASS Real Estate Services at (866) 861-4761


The BOXSPOT is a series of recycled shipping containers arranged as an open-air market within a newly created community space. BOXSPOT  provides an affordable alternative to bricks and mortar establishments, with lower rent, lower operating costs, and less expensive tenant build out. Starting a business is easier for neighborhood residents when barriers to entry are lowered.
The containers were retrofitted as shops and kitchens for entrepreneurs to sell their wares or provide services. The BOXSPOT functions like a shopping center, where a number of diverse businesses clustered in a single site could create a shopping destination for customers.

BOXSPOT Timeline: 

December 2017 – BBC received nearly 100 applications from businesses interested in renting a BOXSPOT container.

January 2018 – BBC hosted a Meet & Greet, where staff had the opportunity to meet and understand more about each applicant. Businesses that attended had the opportunity to record a 60-second pitch for BBC staff to review.

March 2018 – BBC hosted a Resource Fair featuring local organizations that assist entrepreneurs and current business owners with business planning, development and financial assistance. The top 20 semi-finalists were announced.

March 2018 – BBC staff interviewed each of the 20 semi-finalists and determined the top 11 finalists based on information provided during the interview.

April 2018 – BBC hosted The Final BOXSPOT Event: The Pitch. The top 11 finalists each gave a 5-minute business pitch in front of over 100 people. A panel of six judges and the audience voted for their top  businesses. 

Summer 2018 – Groundbreaking.

Fall 2019 – Grand opening.

Tenants: Our Favorite Things Boutique | JB Grill | Kidz Style Lounge | A Touch of Rain Nail Express

Address: 8005 Kinsman Rd (Intersection of E 81st Street and Kinsman Road)
Leasing Information: If you are intersted in leasing a space in BOXSPOT, please call FASS Real Estate Services at (866) 861-4761 

Opportunity Corridor

The Opportunity Corridor is a $331 million planned boulevard that will connect I-90 to University Circle.  This project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2021, is being managed by the City of Cleveland, Greater Cleveland Partnership, and the Ohio Department of Transportation.  

During the planning phase of this project, the City of Cleveland received a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency that funded an assessment of current conditions on the land adjacent to the Opportunity Corridor and the creation of a master plan to guide future development.  Community outreach and engagement were central to the planning process, and meetings with a local advisory committee helped planners gain an understating of the community’s needs and concerns.

Residents and stakeholders ultimately decided that the most desirable development along the corridor would come from the consolidation of land into “superblocks” that could accommodate light industry or commercial development that would provide neighborhood residents with meaningful employment.  

Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. is committed to ensuring that the Opportunity Corridor is a catalyst for economic development in our neighborhoods.  If you are an employer interested in locating along the Opportunity Corridor, please contact the City of Cleveland Department of Economic Development at 216-664-2406. 

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