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We are now accepting applications from businesses seeking affordable and innovative commercial space within an aspiration business community. Our goal is to keep total monthly occupancy costs including rent and utilities within $500. Actual costs will be determined well before lease signing and will not exceed $600 per month. Selected businesses will receive an assortment of support including assistance with customizing units, joint marketing, and technical assistance in business growth and management.

Is your business an ideal fit for BOXSPOT? If so please complete this application.

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  • Belinda Mcpherson

    Hi my name is belinda mcpherson I am a licensed nail tech since 1997 and would like to open up my own nail salon in the central kinsman neighborhood for all clients specializing in elderly care with a mobile service to service those who can’t make it to the salon. Also offer nail services with natural products and educating the client’s on natural nail care.

  • Rayshaun E. Smith

    I think this is a brilliant idea. I would like to be apart of this program and offer my technique and skill to assist in any way.

  • donita williams

    my purpose is to open a clothing boutique and I am looking for a store and I am reaching out for help. can you help me.

  • donita williams

    my purpose is to open a clothing boutique and I am looking for a store and I am reaching out for help. can you help me.ok sorry will wait to hear from someone

  • Yvonne Hobbs

    My name is Yvonne Hobbs and I am very interested in providing a coffee shop for the elderly within a community. I feel very confident that a safe environment for the elderly and young adults to relax and study without the noise and congestion of a local fast food restaurant or a library. Keeping people in there neighborhood will allow them to feel safe and close to home if issues arise. I also feel that this type of establishment can also act as a safe place for children who may feel lonely or need mentoring. During the holiday season it can also be used as a distribution center for families in need of food and other items. I strongly believe that are communities will and can be vital if we invest and spend money in them.

  • Nancy Minefee


    My name is Nancy Minefee I am a Cleveland native actually I grow up on 75th in Kinsman. I stayed at 7532 apartment 515 for fifteen years with my mother and siblings. My mother loved her neighborhood she did everything she could to make not only here children but all the children in our neighborhood feel we lived in the suburbs. Every holiday she would put up decorations in the little yard space we had being very careful not to crush the tomatoes and greens she grow. Every Sunday she would pack up her six children in the station wagon and the any other kids that she could wrangle up and take us all to church because at that time the church across the street was too small to fit all of us. When the pastor whose name was Jesse L. Davis found out he promised to build a bigger church and my mother promised to help him. So from that day on she sold dinners at that church every Sunday and didn’t keep a penny. Shortly after the church was built she died in that little apartment that she filled with so much love it felt like a mansion. For her good works in the fifth ward community she was given a plaque from the mayor. Many years later I decided to start a business based upon what she loved esthetics, it’s called Body by Nancy Medspa. I had a fully furnished and functioning Spa location on 55th in Payne where I did very well but building was sold and I was forced to leave with all my furniture and equipment ,that was just six months ago and I’m still looking for a workspace. I think that the BOXSPOT and I would be a perfect fit because I have a very deep rooted love for the Kinsman community and I want more than anything to see it thrive and be a competitor on the Cleveland stage. I’ve said all that to say I believe I would be the perfect candidate for the BOXSPOT because I am already invested in your success, it is my hope that you will want to invest in mine as well.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Nancy Minefee

  • Brenda Stubbs Lawrence

    I am interest in applying for Box Spot due to the fact that the business I am opening is one of Life Coaching with and edge on Empowerment. There are so many people in the world today that has given up on their dreams, lost who they are and afraid to move forward due to the direction our economy is headed. I am an individual that has patiently awaited my opportunity to do some good in the world for people that does not have enough faith to see themselves get through uncomfortable circumstances, or feel there is no hope for their dream(s). I am a fighter for what I believe in, therefore, I want others to have hope and know that if they PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens) that it will come to pass. The first step is to envision their destination and once that is clear they will know exactly where their going and what it takes to get reach it.

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