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Participate in the 2017-2018 Program Year Action Plan for the City of Cleveland. The Department of Community Development is holding three meetings and public hearings to outline the Action Place. Join the meetings to ask questions or comment on the plan and proposed activities.

1. Tuesday, February 28, 2017- 5:30-7:30 @ Commons at West Village Community Room, 8301 Detroit Ave.

2. Thursday, March 9, 2017- 5:30-7:30 @ Killingswork Meeting Place, Miles Shopping Place, 4127 E. 131 St. Ste. A

3. Thursday, March 23, 2017- 10:am-12:00pm @ Greenbridge Community Room, 7515 Euclid Ave.

For additional information contact Cathy Lewis-Wright, PIO/Communications Officer @ 216-664-4597

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