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The E 55th/Kinsman/Woodland intersection has historically had the highest number of crashes each year.

Dramatic changes could be coming to the East 55th Street, Kinsman Road, and Woodland Avenue intersection
within the next few years.

Historically, the intersection has been one of the busiest and most dangerous in the state. It has been ranked as the worst for crashes within the five county area of Cuyahoga, Lorain, Lake, Medina, and Geauga counties.

The City of Cleveland and Ohio Department of Transportation have begun to study the possibility of eliminating one road of the intersection.

They have preliminarily concluded that rerouting Kinsman Road into East 55th Street or Woodland Avenue would have the greatest impacts to safety and traffic flow.

Three alternatives for the intersection will be presented at a community meeting for review and comment this spring. A date and time have not been set prior to publication. To be notified of the meeting, please leave your name, phone number, and address by emailing  [email protected] or calling 216.341.1455.

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  • Juliana Sadock Savino

    Is a roundabout (traffic circle) a possible alternative?

  • jsugalski

    Good suggestion. Our hunch is that there’s not enough land to make a roundabout work at E 55th, but we could be wrong. We’ll bring the idea up with the traffic engineering consultant.

  • Traffic Engineering Consultant

    What’s my product? I produce big roads and traffic. Call me if you want more suburban sprawl and a gutted, desolate urban core. That’s my thing. Thank you, Northeast Ohio for continuing to make the ssme mistakes year after year, decade after decade. My kids’ college education depends on it.

  • Akshai

    The post office is already used as a cut-through for Kinsman drivers trying to access Woodland. Also, my comments to ODOT, re: Opportunity Corridor, demanded that they know how this project will impact traffic patterns NOW, rather than to do these projects separately/piecemeal.

    We should know how the #14 line for GCRTA would be affected.

    Should Kinsman be routed into either E. 55th or Woodland, we should also be aware of how this would affect a [dilapidated] Grand Ave. to the South. ODOT supposedly has a ‘fix-it first’/maintenance policy on the books but have allowed Grant and Woodland to be shredded and are now putting in $331m so that Westside suburban commuters can avoid both.

  • John Carlino

    A modern roundabout can be built almost completely within the footprint of the existing intersection. The only land that will be affected is a small corner of the post office lawn. Design proposals can be viewed on Clevelanders for Transportation Equity’s Facebook page.

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