Mission & History


The mission of Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. is to empower citizens, and revitalize blighted and underserved communities.


The organization has primarily focused its efforts on restoring the residential fabric of the Central, Kinsman, and Garden Valley neighborhoods by facilitating the following services in several blight communities: new housing construction; free paint program; youth recreation and education programs; community security programs; and by providing technical assistance to residents and neighborhood groups engaged in community/ neighborhood planning activities. Through intense housing development implementation, we are strategically laying the foundation for viable commercial/retail development that will be a significant component to the establishment of sustainable communities. We pride ourselves on providing client-based services to the residents that we serve. As a result, our reputation within the community has become highly favorable.

Who We Are

Trees growing in St. John's Square, East 40th Street and Central Avenue

In previous funding cycles we described ourselves by the slogan, “Growing with Our Communities”— a perfect description for an organization that grew from a struggling staff of 1 in 2000 to a forcefully driven and effective staff of 6 full-time and 2 part-time employees by the end of 2003. By advancing our capacity with highly capable talent, we have increased our production in every category. We are known to our development partners as a very functional resource and facilitator of our projects. From fostering MBE/FBE participation, making our inclusion rates among the highest in the County, to engaging community residents in the planning process – we have evolved beyond growing into ourselves to becoming the model for how a small high-tech CDC can maintain and manage the production equivalent of organizations twice its size.

Along with retaining an exceptionally talented staff, BBC is at the cutting edge of information management and internal protocol. Inspired by minimizing time spent towards administration, our computer systems include the highest level of technology equipped to manage digitally filed tracking systems, comprehensive multi-program budgets, GIS analysis, and data tracking programs.

This combination of highly capable staff and cutting edge information management systems afford BBC the ability to provide superior community planning, real estate development, and other supportive services to the Central, Kinsman, and Garden Valley neighborhoods and the City of Cleveland.