Posted May 22, 2020

The mission of BBC is to empower citizens and revitalize blighted and underserved communities. The board and staff have walked, driven, and biked our neighborhoods, with the ambition to foster full recovery. This approach has facilitated the layering of traditional means and methods of community development with new measures and tactics. When BBC was established in 1990, our neighborhoods were undoubtedly the most blighted neighborhoods of Cleveland. While there has been an abundance of improvements that have ushered new neighborhood identities, BBC is as driven as ever to create greater impact. The BBC service area includes the Central, Kinsman, Buckeye-Shaker Square, and Buckeye-Woodhill neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio.

Our vision is expansive. We seek to produce scalable change that extends beyond physical development. Collaborating with stakeholders, we aim to cast a wider web of physical and human development to build strong neighborhoods. We recognize strong neighborhoods cannot exist without healthy people within them. They cannot exist without exporting goods and services. Strong neighborhoods cannot exist without actively engaged and educated citizens, and strong neighborhoods cannot exist without assets of attraction.

It is this realization that drove us to directly address health and wellness and gave us our entrepreneurial spirit. It is also why we now serve a formal role to our neighborhood schools and as a convener and conduit for wraparound services. Going forward BBC intends to build upon the momentum of our recent transformative revitalization measures, including both programmatic and physical components. The integration of green space development, real estate development, health and wellness programming, and social enterprise formation will continue to be a key strategy used to grow our neighborhood economy and strengthen the social fabric.

The Board of Directors of Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. (BBC) is seeking an Executive Director to serve as a collaborative leader in these efforts.

Position Summary

  1. The Executive Director serves as the chief administrative officer for the BBC Board of Directors.
  2. The Executive Director is charged with implementing policies and programs and is the chief fundraiser for the organization.
  3. The Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors to carry out the work of the organization:
    1. Ensures that the Board of Directors and the officers are kept fully informed on the conditions and operations of the agency, and on all important factors influencing them, with the Executive Director attending all Board meetings.
    2. Plans, formulates and recommends for the approval of the Board of Directors basic policies and programs that will further the objectives of BBC.
    3. Develops, for the purpose of day-to-day administration, specific policies, procedures, and programs to implement the general policies established by the Board of Directors.
    4. Provides the necessary liaison and staff support to Board committee chairs and to committee members to enable them to properly perform their functions.
    5. Plans, organizes, and directs programs and services; evaluates results and recommends policies, procedures, and actions to achieve program goals. Provides guidance on matters of program, publications, budget, and legal responsibility.
    6. Supervises the secretarial function for BBC, maintaining official minutes of the Board and other official meetings of the organization; provides security for all files, legal and historic documents, mailing lists, and client files.
    7. Responsible for the planning and administration of official meetings of the organization.
    8. Plans and executes communications to BBC stakeholders.
  4. Management of fiscal resources and development of grants and contracts:
    1. Directs the agency’s budget and on-going fiscal operating plan in concert with the agency’s adopted strategic plan, master plan, and financial allocations of funding sources. Works directly with the CPA to assure adherence to funding guidelines, regulations, and auditing procedures.
    2. Seeks outside funding in the form of grants and contracts from public and private sources.
    3. Provides primary leadership for the BBC’s fundraising activities.
  5. Operation of the Administrative Office:
    1. Directs and implements Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and other government-funded work plans using appropriate staffing patterns and work objectives.
    2. Establishes a sound organizational structure for the BBC’s office and administrative operations.
    3. Directs and coordinates approved programs, projects, and major activities of the BBC staff.
    4. Hires, fires, leads, and manages staff and consultants.
    5. Obtains maximum utilization of the BBC staff by clearly defining duties, establishing performance standards, conducting performance reviews, ensuring professional development, and recommending a competitive salary structure.
  6. Responsible for public relations activities and effective relationships with related organizations:
    1. Serve as the official liaison and representative of BBC to the public, media, governmental, community, social service, and private funding sources.
    2. Maintains effective relationships with other organizations, both public and private, and sees that the position of BBC is enhanced in accordance with the policies and objectives of the agency.
    3. Plans, coordinates, and conducts a public relations program to enhance public acceptance of City or County Council.
    4. Travel is required to regional, state, and national meetings and events periodically.
  7. Relationships:
    1. The Executive Director is responsible to the Board of Directors for the administration of the BBC’s office and for proper interpretation and fulfillment of all his or her functions, responsibilities, authority, and relationships.
    2. Provides outreach to the community and faith-based agencies in developing opportunities and collaborations.
    3. Provides technical assistance to related social and community nonprofits in developing programming which augments “self sufficiency” to at-risk and low-income clients and residents.
    4. The Executive Director maintains personal contact with staff, the Board of Directors, and the community to the greatest degree possible.
    5. The Executive Director is expected to maintain a leadership and advocacy role with the Ohio CDC Association and Cleveland Neighborhood Progress to enhance community programming.
    6. Carries out such other general responsibilities as may be delegated by the Board.
    7. The Executive Director maintains relationships with other community organizations, government, and others as are desirable or necessary in the best interest of BBC and in conformity with the overall objectives and policy of the agency.
    8. The Executive Director establishes such relationships as the Board of Directors may specify or as the Executive Director may deem advisable in the best interests of BBC in conformity with established policy.

Job Qualifications
1. Eight to ten years of experience in social service provision and/or administration, or a combination thereof.

2. Demonstrated ability to work with individuals of diverse racial, ethnic, economic, social, and educational backgrounds.

3. Display the characteristics of one who can build strong relationships and move projects forward.

4. Prioritize and handle multiple tasks.

5. Exhibit interest in and be committed to the revitalization of low- and moderate-income communities.

6. Understand the intangibles and group process, patience, and integrity.

7. Ability to comprehend complex ideas quickly and mobilize support.

8. Strong and persuasive presentation skills required.

9. Demonstrated ability to work with public and private sector officials and leaders.

10. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with federal, state, regional, and local agencies, community leaders, and the general public.

11. Ability to obtain and manage external grants and contracts.

12. Master’s degree in Administration, Social Work, Sociology, Education, or suitable education in these or closely allied fields.

Salary: BBC offers a competitive salary and benefits.

To Apply: The application package should be in a single PDF file sent electronically to – [email protected]

Application package:
1. Cover letter including salary requirements
2. Resume
3. Three (3) References
4. Response to the following prompts (2 to 4 pages total):
a. Describe your experience working in low-income neighborhoods?
b. What’s your vision for the communities we serve?
c. What would you say is the highlight of your professional career to date?

Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled. For best consideration, applications should be received by June 19, 2020.

A strong internal candidate has been identified.

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