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Request for Proposal: Property Management Services

Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Incorporated is requesting proposals from property management firms to provide commercial and residential management services.

Background Information

Shape Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. (BBC) is a non-profit neighborhood development organization founded in 1990 that serves Cleveland’s Central, Kinsman, and Buckeye neighborhoods. Our mission is to empower citizens and revitalize blighted and underserved communities.

Scope of Services

Contractor will provide services to anyone, a combination, or all of the following residential and commercial properties:

  • Arbor Park Place; Property address: 2504 East 40th Cleveland, Ohio 44104; 93,519sqft – 6 commercial units.
  • Bridgeport Place; Property address: 7201 Kinsman Ave Cleveland, Ohio 44104; 55,660sqft – 5 commercial units; 3 units are occupied by Burten, Bell, Carr, Development Inc.
  • Box Spot; Property Address: 8005 Kinsman Ave Cleveland, Ohio 44104; 15,581sqft – 7 commercial units
  • East Cedar Apartments; Property Address: 7306 Cedar Ave Cleveland, OH 44103; 12 residential units
  • East Central Townhomes; Property Address: 2274 E 73 ST Cleveland, OH 44103; 8 residential units
  • Cleveland New Homes II; 30 single family homes; Scattered site LITC housing


  • Advertising available units, interviewing applicants and conducting background/credit checks, conduct property viewings, lease vacant units (with adherence to anti-discriminatory laws), survey local area for market-rent-rate and recommend appropriate rental price, negotiate & enforce lease, collect monthly rent.
  • Inspect vacant units, plan renovations, and oversee contractors & their workmanship.
  • Prepare and review compliance submission to funders, perform annual re-certifications, ensure accurate, timely adherence to all regulatory requirements,
  • Secure the property by installing/maintaining security devices, establishing/enforcing policies & procedures for precautions & emergencies, and contacting/overseeing security services as needed.
  • Oversee proposals and contract execution from contractors for landscaping, snow removal, pest control, maintenance, housekeeping, trash removal, etc.
  • Enforce occupancy policies & procedures, confront policy/procedure & occupancy-rule violators, investigate & resolve tenant complaints.
  • Terminating leases and submitting attorney eviction paperwork preparation.
  • Manage budget including operating & property expenses
  • Provide updated reports and monthly forecasting of budgets with accounting team assistance.
  • Maintain sufficiently thorough documentation of income, expenses, leases agreements & terminations, complaints, maintenance, contractor services, etc.
  • Ensure properties remain in safe, decent, and sanitary conditions at all times.
  • Provide guidance and support in order to increase Burten, Bell, Carr’s capacity to manage aforementioned services internally, where feasible.

Terms of Property Management Services

BBC operates on a July 1 —June 30 fiscal year. The selected firm will begin providing services July 1, 2022 through fiscal year ending June 30, 2023. At the end of this contract period, both BBC and the selected proposer will have the option to terminate or renew the contract for a twelve-month period aligned with BBC’s fiscal year of July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. Such conditions will be executable with at least a 30-day notice to the other party.


  • Must have an Ohio real estate broker’s license from the Ohio Division of Real Estate or a property management license, in compliance with Ohio’s Landlord Tenant Act and Ohio License Law.
  • Proficient in YARDI property management software.
  • Participates in regular training regarding essential areas such as Fair Housing and federal compliance regulations.

Proposal Content

The proposer will furnish satisfactory evidence of capability to provide in a professional and timely manner the services stated in the RFP. To meet this requirement the proposer will be sure to provide responses to the following items in your proposal:

  • Respondent’s Legal Structure – Present evidence of corporate status including, where applicable:
  • Articles of Incorporation and current Certificate of Continued Existence from Ohio Secretary of State, or
  • Partnership certificate and/or agreement. In addition, identify by name and title all entities holding an ownership interest of 20% or more.
  • Respondent’s Background – Provide a narrative describing the history, ownership and experience of the property management company, including projects successfully managed and or owned.
  • List five current and past clients along with the names and telephone numbers of contact persons and number of years’ services were provided.
  • Provide names and details of subsidiaries, leasing agencies, maintenance companies or the like, to which you will sub-contract services.
  • Key Members of Property Management Team – Provide an organizational chart and identify by name the key team members who would be responsible for this engagement, including proposed subcontractors. Provide a resume for key members. Demonstrate the ability to handle frequent client communications, budget and financial management, reconciliation of accounts, follow-up analysis and client billing.
  • Menu of services to be offered and fee schedule – Present a list of property management services provided and how compensation for services would be determined.
  • Describe prior experience working with regulatory agencies – Provide examples of specific properties managed and the types of compliance reporting your firm is familiar with and experienced providing.
  • Describe your firm’s diversity composition as well as its experience and/or relationships with minority, female, small and veteran-owned businesses.
  • Describe experience developing and carrying-out deferred maintenance plans – What is your approach to working with a property owner to prioritize and allocate resources to address capital maintenance needs.
  • Describe experience in managing and leasing to a diverse mix of tenants – How do you approach achieving tenant and customer satisfaction in curb appeal, eliminating nuisances and maintaining a safe and secure property?
  • Describe your practice in maintaining communication with the property owner and experience in engaging area community organizations for the purpose of being proactive and enhancing the success of the property. Describe the level of assistance that will be expected from BBC staff.
  • The proposer will not release records or information related to BBC unless an application for public information has been submitted and approved by BBC management.

Conditions for Submission of Proposal

All proposals in response to this request must meet the following conditions to be considered:

  • Proposals shall be delivered to BBC on or prior to the stated due date.
  • Proposals shall clearly indicate the legal name, address and telephone number of the Firm.
  • Proposals shall be signed above the typed or printed name and title of the signer. The signer shall have the authority to bind the proposer to the submitted proposal.
  • Proposal must address each of the property management service requirements as stated in the scope of property management services in the RFP.
  • The firm must indicate any pending legal actions against it.
  • The firm must certify that it does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, religion, color, sex, age, handicap or national origin. Certification may be presented in the form of a letter on company letterhead and signed by a representative of the firm authorized to state such a certification.
  • BBC will not be liable for any cost incurred in the preparation of proposals.
  • BBC may ask proposers to appear in front of a committee and/or board for a presentation prior to approval.
  • BBC will not be liable for the costs incurred by the proposer in connection with such an interview.
  • BBC reserves the right to accept or reject any and/or all proposals, to waive irregularities and technicalities, to negotiate portions of the proposal, and to request resubmission. Any sole response received by the first submission date may or may not be rejected by BBC, depending on available competition and timely needs of BBC. BBC reserves the right to award the contract to a responsible firm submitting a responsive proposal, with a resulting negotiated contract which is most advantageous and in the best interests of BBC. Also, BBC reserves the right to conduct such an investigation as it deems it necessary to determine the ability of any firm to perform the work or service requested. The information BBC deems necessary to make this determination shall be provided by the firm. Such information may include, but shall not be limited to, verification of availability of personnel and past performance records.
  • In the event it becomes necessary to revise any part of this RFP prior to the deadline, addenda will be provided to any prospective firm who received the initial RFP.
  • The contractor shall be responsible to BBC for all acts and omissions of employees while performing any work related directly or indirectly with the project covered by the contract documents or related instruction and documents.
  • This RFP does not obligate BBC or the selected firm until a contract is signed and approved by both parties. If approved, it is effective from the date the contract is signed. BBC shall not be responsible for work done, even in good faith, prior to the final approval of the proposed contract.
  • The review of the proposals will focus on the perceived ability of the firm to perform the services listed above based on qualifications and experience as well as subsequent investigation by BBC.
  • BBC acknowledges that information obtained from firms may be proprietary. Upon receipt and acceptance of any bid resulting from this request, BBC affirms confidentiality of all information contained in the bid document. Only the senior staff of BBC shall have access to information and will treat information on a confidential basis.


Questions or requests for clarification must be submitted in writing to Tiffany Allen-White, via email to [email protected].

Deadline and Procedures for Delivery

A signed copy of the proposal must be mailed via US postal mail or electronically or hand delivered no later than 5:00 p.m. on May 21st, 2022. Responses shall be delivered to Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc., 7201 Kinsman Road, Suite 104, Cleveland, Ohio 44104. All electronically submitted proposals should include a delivery receipt and should be sent to [email protected].

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