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Frank G. Jackson, Mayor

Blaine Griffin, Council Member Ward 6

Marion Anita Gardner, Council Member (Interim) Ward 4

Matthew Spronz, Director

Mayor’s Office of Capital Projects

Richard J. Switalski, P.E., Administration Bureau Manager
Division of Engineering and Construction

Invite you to participate in the:

Buckeye Road Rehabilitation Project

Shaker Boulevard to South Moreland Boulevard
Virtual Public Information Presentation

When: July 5, 2021 – August 2, 2021

What: The purpose of this presentation is to provide information and receive
feedback on design features and plans for the upcoming Buckeye Road
Rehabilitation Project. Construction is scheduled to begin in October 2021
and to be completed in October 2022. The proposed improvements on
Buckeye Road, from Shaker Boulevard to South Moreland Boulevard

• Complete asphalt resurfacing,
including full and partial depth
pavement repairs where needed.

• Removal of underutilized paved
surfaces to increase tree lawn
areas to improve corridor
aesthetics, downstream water
quality, and neighborhood

• New sidewalk, ADA-compliant
curb ramps and drive aprons as

• Improved pedestrian facilities
including rectangular rapid
flashing beacons (RRFBs) at
select crosswalks.

• Streetscaping amenities
including decorative crosswalks,
neighborhood gateway signs and
banners, street trees, planters,

• Signing and pavement marking
upgrades, including bike lanes
between Shaker Blvd. and MLK
Jr. Dr. and sharrows (pavement markings that improve cycling safety) from MLK
Jr. Dr. to S. Moreland Blvd.

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