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When you went to college, it’s more than likely that you had some questions and faced roadblocks along the way. Wouldn’t it be great to take the knowledge you gained and share it with a college student today to help them on their journey?

College Now’s Mentoring Program is seeking 150+ mentors to be matched with scholarship recipients who will be graduating from high school this spring. Mentors will remain with their mentee throughout their college career, advising them every step of the way. The time commitment, though, is not nearly as demanding as it sounds.

The Mentoring Program is a commitment that takes into account the lives of both mentors and mentees. Mentors and their mentees are required to communicate twice a month through an innovative online platform that enables quick and easy communication and fits easily into already-busy schedules, and face-to-face meetings, which are coordinated by College Now, occur a few times a year.

When you become a mentor, you will join a network comprised of 750 individuals from more than 250 local employers, hone your own leadership skills, and become even more engaged in your community. Most importantly, though, you will be making a difference in the personal and academic life of a young college student. For more information or to become a mentor, please visit or contact Mentoring Program Manager, Madeline Rife, at [email protected] or 216-635-0163.

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