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We’ve heard residents express the need for laundry facilities within the neighborhood. There may soon be one slightly west of E 55th Street.

The owner of the Big Q building at 4967 Woodland Avenue intends to develop a laundromat.  The adjacent building was demolished not only because of its condition, but to provide parking to a future facility.

Here’s the story from Maingate Business Development Corporation‘s e-newsletter (which has not yet been posted to the Web).


Demolitions Lead to New Development and Expansion Opportunities

The long vacant property is located 4971 Woodland Avenue. While we often look to expansions and new construction projects as positive signs of development, it is easy to forget the integral part that demolitions and removals can make in preparing a site or area for future use and maximum potential. The adjacent property will be transformed into a much needed laundry mat. The demolished building pictured above will provide parking space for the up and coming laundry mat.

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