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BBC, residents, and partners planted four trees last fall at E 40th St and Central Ave.

Trees possess many benefits for people and neighborhoods.  They clean pollutants from the air, cool the streets and city during the hot summer, combat global warming, help households conserve energy, reduce violence, increase property values, and improve the overall appeal of neighborhoods.

However, Ward 5 has the most sparse tree canopy and fewest number of trees of any area in Cuyahoga County.

BBC and its partners aim to change that this year.  Two initiatives will bring hundreds of new trees to the Central beginning in the spring.

BBC, Davey Tree, Western Reserve Land Conservancy, and Keep Ohio Beautiful will plant fifty to 150 street trees beginning in the spring.  The team and community kicked off the campaign in 2013, installing the first four trees at the St. John’s Square Reading Garden at E 40th Street and Central Avenue last November.

Additionally, the City of Cleveland received a grant from the US Forest Service to install 1,000 street trees throughout Cleveland, 250 of which will be planted in Central in Fall 2014.

BBC and its partners have been identifying prospective streets in which new trees may be planted.  We will be reaching out to homeowners in these areas over the next few months.  We hope that you will consider a tree for the wealth of benefits it will provide your family, home, and neighborhood!

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