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It’s a bittersweet day for the board and staff of BBC, as Real Estate Development Director Joseph L. Jones is retiring today after working with BBC for eleven years.

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The BBC staff wanted to share their thoughts on working with Joe over the years. Here’s what we had to say:

Nailah Ingram, Administrative Officer: “I will miss Joe’s sense of humor and passion for what he does.  He was always willing to help, whether it was work-related or a personal issue you were having.  He will be truly missed.  The office will not be the same without him!”

Jeffrey Sugalski, Real Estate Development Manager: “Joe was a very understanding supervisor that gave me lots of opportunities and took a personal interest in my professional growth over the years.  It was a lot of fun for me to work with Joe and learn from him for almost a decade.  We will miss him, but I’m certain that Joe will continue to do great things in his retirement.”

Joy Johnson, Grants Management Director: “Joe is a walking encyclopedia!  He’s given me guidance and counsel on countless occasions.  If he doesn’t know the answer, he will show you where to go to get it.  He’s my go-to-guy.  Who will I “go-to” when he retires?”

Caitlyn Neely, AmeriCorps VISTA Member: “I will miss Joe’s sense of humor and simple life lessons the most. He always has a joke or smart comment for everything that will be sure to make you laugh. When he isn’t making jokes, he provides valuable lessons to put life’s events in perspective.”

Larry LaPrade, Housing Specialist: “Joe has given me guidance and direction beyond the work place. I’m not sure he realizes, but I’d like Joe to know he’s not only a colleague, but a role model, ideal father figure, and friend whom I’m going to miss dearly.”

Sherita Mullins, Manager of Social Enterprises: “I see Joe as a mentor.  He doesn’t judge you or put you down when you don’t know something.  He will crack a joke, but he will do his best to help you out when you have a question.  I will truly miss his witty comments and wealth of knowledge.”

Erick Rodriguez, Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellow: “Although I’ve only known Joe for three months, I had the pleasure to witness his commitment and honest friendship to all of us at BBC. I will miss his presence in the office, but I look forward to grabbing lunch with him whenever possible. I wish you the best, Joe!”

Rodney Richmond, Operator of Neighborhood Landscaping Enterprise: “I’ll miss Joe’s sense of humor first thing in the morning. If you’re having a bad morning, please believe that he is going to say something to bring a smile to your face. Joe always tries to help you better yourself and gives good advice. He will be missed.”

Racquel Jones, Manager of Bridgeport Café: “When I signed on to Bridgeport Café, I was told that Joe was my go-to person for the building. Well, I certainly took advantage of that, but Joe came through for me every time! Joe assigned himself as my personal agent and he promised me that he would get me to Hollywood! So now that he has time on his hands… I will truly miss Joe around here and I hope he enjoys his retirement to the fullest!”

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