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Capture2BBC is honored to receive the Neighborhood Solution Award from the Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, Inc. for the Urban Agriculture and Urban Farm Diet Program. In partnership with Rid-All Green Partnership and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, this program exposes youth to unconventional community learning environments while nurturing  their understanding and appreciation of urban agriculture, permaculture, sustainability, and  health and wellness in the Kinsman neighborhood.

Throughout 2014 youth will be offered a field experience at Rid-All Green Partnership, located at 8129 Otter Road, where they will tour the entire grounds and get hands-on instruction in urban agriculture. Then youth will travel to Cornucopia Place, located at 7201 Kinsman Road, where they will learn nutrition education and basic cooking skills. This field experience will tie together the math and science curriculum that students learn in the classroom with real life exposures to where food comes from the ground to the plate.

For more information or to register a classroom, please contact BBC at 216.341.1455

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