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BBC is actively studying how to make Kinsman Road better and safer for walking, biking, and driving.

With grant funding from Enterprise Community Partners, we have engaged a traffic engineering consultant to prepare plans to calm traffic on Kinsman Road between East 66th and 84th Streets.  A steering committee consisting of transportation professionals, planners, and residents has helped guide the plan to date.

BBC held a community meeting on Wednesday, September 18 to present three alternatives for Kinsman Road.  Here are the materials from the meeting:

Study Area Goals
Community Meeting Presentation
Alternative #1 (center turn lane configuration): E 68th to 70th | E 70th to 75th | E 75th to 80th | E 81st to CSX
Alternative #2 (bike lanes): E 68th to 70th | E 70th to 75th | E 75th to 80th | E 81st to CSX
Alternative #3 (chicanes): E 68th to 70th | E 70th to 75th | E 81st to CSX

If you are interested in commenting on the proposal, including which alternative you prefer and why, please email Jeffrey Sugalski, Real Estate Development Manager of BBC, at [email protected] by Wednesday, October 2 at 5pm.

Boards of the alternatives are available for viewing in our lobby at 7201 Kinsman Road, Suite 104.  While you are there, please feel free to leave written comments at the front desk.

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