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Green City Blue Lake has a great article about how BBC is studying how to make Kinsman Road safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists in the short-term.  The article is here.

The project, which was received grant funding from Enterprise Community Partners, is part of an initiative to cultivate Kinsman as one of Cleveland’s two EcoDistricts.

Speeding traffic and narrow lanes have concerned Kinsman residents and block clubs for years.

We like to think of EcoDistricts as a well defined area in which both large- and residential-scale sustainable projects are focused.  In the Kinsman neighborhood, recently completed large-scale projects include Green City Growers Greenhouse, Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone, Bridgeport Cafe and CornUcopia Place, the green Heritage View Homes, CMHA’s LEED Silver headquarters, and CMHA’s solar farm.  At the resident level, BBC has performed energy-efficient home retrofits and concentrated a portion of its allocation of Backyard Gardens and City of Cleveland rain barrels.

We perceive that an improved Kinsman Road will not only connect the neighborhood’s eco-assets and other amenities, but will also promote alternative and sustainable transportation and make it safer, especially for the 40% of neighborhood residents who do not have access to an automobile.

More information about how community stakeholders can become involved in the Kinsman Road planning process will be included in our upcoming newsletter.  The article focusing on this subject will also be posted to BBC’s blog and social media.

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