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Town Hall w/ Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland and CEO of Schools, Eric Gordon

Thursday, August 16th at the Friendly Inn 6pm – 8pm

What is the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood?

The Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood is a local effort inspired by the Harlem Children’s Zone according to the Promise Neighborhood guidelines of the U.S. Department of Education. The initiative is made up of a collaborative partnership of civic, philanthropic, business, educational, residential and political organizations that have coordinated their individual efforts to impact the lives of children living in the Central Neighborhood. This partnership is focused on ensuring that every child in the neighborhood is prepared for school; participates in both school and out-of-school programs and activities to enhance his or her academic achievement; and persists through school with the support of engaged parents and strong community and family resources, graduating from high school and going on to college and career.

Where is the Cleveland Central Promise Neighborhood?

Cleveland’s Promise Neighborhood is adjacent to downtown and encompasses a section of Central, from Euclid Avenue to Woodland Avenue and from E. 22 Street to E. 55 Street. This area is home to more than 10,000 people and a strong network community organizations and institutions. It is a community of rich history, having been home to many national leaders such as Judge Jean Murrell Capers, Langston Hughes, Jessie Owens, Carl and Louis Stokes and Cleveland’s current mayor, Frank Jackson.


Where can I learn more about upcoming events and the Promise Initiative?

Please visit our website at


call the Sisters of Charity Foundation’s offices at (216) 241-9300 for more information or to get involved

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