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Feeling a little “green” lately? One of the ways residents of the Central and Kinsman neighborhoods can positively impact the local environment is to install a rain barrel at their home!

Rain barrels work by diverting rain water from rooftops and gutters to a barrel that collects it to be recycled. Rain water is best for watering gardens, plants, and lawns because it is rich in nitrogen and other nutrients not found in tap water. Plus, reusing it saves money on your water bills. Rain barrels also keep water from overtaxing waste water and sewers, thus helping to prevent discharge of sewage into Lake Erie.

For additional information or to be placed on the list to receive a free rain barrel, contact Jeffrey Sugalski at BBC at (216) 341-1455. Please note that barrels and accompanying materials will be distributed to residents of Central and Kinsman only on a first-come, first-served basis, so reserve your spot today!

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  • Mallory Beck

    Hello! I am absolutely interested in learning more about rain barrels,
    free rain barrels, materials to make rain barrels, or resources about
    water catchment systems. I have the gutters to create a water catchment
    system at home and am ready to put it all together, and would rather make
    my own or invest in local barrels where possible. Are there still rain barrels
    available? Please email me at [email protected]

    I am also working toward building an intentional community in Cleveland, OH
    that will use permaculture design in our building, and when we acquire the land
    and begin to design for the community, we will be looking for barrels then as

    Thank you so much! Blessings and peace,

  • c maier

    rain collection for plants and lawn

  • Joy Johnson

    Feel free to call us at the office to learn more about the rain barrel 216-341-1455

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