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In 2011, BBC will begin and complete construction on several very exciting development projects, including:

* St. John’s Village West Family Homes:  BBC and PIRHL Developers will begin construction on St. John’s Village West Family Homes in Summer 2011.  The project is comprised of forty new-construction single-family affordable homes on East 37th, 38th, and 39th Streets between Cedar and Central Avenues.  Currently, staff is completing property acquisition, surveying and identifying building sites, and architecture approval.

* Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone:  Seven acres of vacant land in the Kinsman neighborhood will be reutilized for urban farming.  The Rid-All Green Partnership and Ohio University Extension program will establish one- and six-acre market gardens, respectively, in the spring.  In the future, BBC will convert an additional nineteen acres for productive land re-uses such as bio-fuels, food production, phyto-remediation, water retention, and native plant nursery.

* Green City Growers’ Hydroponic Greenhouse: A vast area of vacant land in the Central neighborhood will soon become home to an expansive $20 million greenhouse powered by hydroponic technology to be situated at Grand and Ensign Avenues and Kinsman Road.  Construction is set to begin in March 2011, and the first harvest of lettuce and herbs is anticipated in November of this year.

* East Central Townhomes:  In an extensive green rehabilitation effort, BBC will bring a nearly a century-old rowhouse structure located at East 73rd Street and Central Avenue to its original splendor in 2011.  Construction is anticipated to begin in the spring.

For more information, please click on the name of  each project.

Stay tuned to our blog for updates on these and other exciting development projects being undertaken by BBC this year.

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