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Today’s edition of The Plain Dealer has an article with highlights from yesterday’s Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone press conference and a synopsis of The Ohio State University Extension Service’s six-acre pilot project to take root in Ward 5 in the spring.

Please click here to read the article, “New $1.1 million program to create urban farms in Cleveland’s Kinsman neighborhood.”

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  • dan morgan

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    Urban Organics has soil mixing capabilities to create a blend of nutrient rich soil that can be used immediately. They also carry a great new product call the GardenSoxx®.

    Urban Organics is also a licensed producer for Filtrexx International, in Grafton, Ohio, and makes GardenSoxx using a special composted soil blend in their mesh, developed for erosion control products. GardenSoxx are a weed seed free, no till, ready to plant, garden that can be placed anywhere!

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