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Census Takers are currently out knocking on doors of households that did not mail back their forms.  

There are some areas where Census workers have been having trouble getting the cooperation of residents.  Encourage your neighbors to cooperate with the Census Takers.  Many of the Census Takers are residents of the neighborhoods in which they are working.  They are in our communities to make sure that Clevelanders are fully counted in the Census.  Opening the door to a Census Taker is opening the door to opportunity for our community.  

Many people, especially the elderly, may have concerns with opening their door to strangers.  The Census Takers can be identified by:

  • their picture ID that reads Census and has the Census seal
  • their census bag
  • and binder

 If the resident is still uncomfortable with opening the door to answer the questions, they are able to call and make an appointment to have the Census Taker come back.  This information will be found on a double-sided “NOTICE of VISIT” that will be in English and Spanish.  The Census Taker will make up to three visits and will try to reach residents by phone up to three times if no one answers the door.  Privacy and confidentiality is a priority to the Census.

Please let your neighbors know that the Census is safe and confidential.  The Census Takers are sworn for life to protect your data under Federal Law Title 13.  The law states that the penalty for unlawful disclosure is a fine of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment for up to 5 years.  Please continue encouraging the residents of Cleveland to “stand up and be counted”.

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  • James B.

    You guys are great!!! The best CDC website I’ve seen. Hat’s off to the amazing work of Burten Bell Carr!

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