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Spring 2010 Business Plan Coach Registration


Every student in E CITY’s programs must create a business plan for a small business venture. The students will first present these plans to their class, then six of them will be selected to present in front of a panel of judges at the final In-Class Competition.Description of Role:

Each Business Plan Coach works with a student to help shape and develop the business plan into Power Point slides and prepare his or her presentation. The students will need the guidance of an adult to help optimize the language, double-check the math, and boost their confidence.


You must be college age or older. Comfort in using computers and doing basic math are essential, as is a general willingness to work with a teen.

Coaches will receive a list of coaching tips and a business plan outline in Power Point. You will have the support of a Certified Entrepreneurship Teacher and other business plan coaches.

You do not need to be a business expert to be effective in this role! E-City provides an orientation to all new and returning coaches on the first day 1/2 hour prior to class.

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