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City of Cleveland

Residential Waste Collection Fee
Fact Sheet

  • City Council approved the legislation 12/7/09
  • Fee will be $8 per month per unit
  • Units owned and occupied by senior citizens 65 and older or disabled residents with an annual income of $29,500 or less may be eligible for the Homestead rate (a 50% discount)
  • Fee will go into effect January 1, 2010
  • Charge will appear on the quarterly water bill sent to residential property owners (first charge will be on the bill received by property owners in April 2010)
  • Fee will increase by 25 cents per year through 2013 (an additional 75 cents)
  • If a residential property owner resides in their own property and that property has been unoccupied for a consecutive period of 60 or more days, the owner may request a 50% discount from the per unit charge during that time
  • If not all units in a multi-family dwelling are occupied, a waiver of the fee may be available for the unoccupied units
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