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Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP)

HWAP provides grants up to $65oo per unit through the State of Ohio for homeowners and tenants who meet income guidelines. The weatherization is performed by private contractors trained to State of Ohio standards. HWAP offers low or fixed-income residents energy efficient measures designed to decrease utility bills and improve energy deficiencies. The program provides education to residents regarding weatherizing homes.

Income Guidelines

Number in Household        Maximum Household Income

  1. $21,660
  2. $29,140
  3. $36,620
  4. $44,100
  5. $51,580
  6. $59,060
  7. $66,540
  8. $74,020

For households with more than eight persons, add $5,400 for each additional member.

To apply for the HWAP program contact one of the following agencies:

East Side Locations:

Cleveland Housing Network 2999 Payne Ave. #306 Cleveland OH 44114 (216)574-7100

Mt. Pleasant NOW Dev. 13815 Kinsman Rd.

Cleveland OH 44120


Fairfax Renaissance Corp. 8111 Quincy Ave.

Cleveland OH 44016



West Side Locations:

Cudell Improvement Inc.

9821 Lorain Ave

Cleveland OH 44102 (216)228-4383

Detroit Shoreway Dev.

6516 Detroit Ave.

Cleveland OH 44102

(216) 961-4242

Community Housing Solutions
1967 West 45th St. Cleveland OH 44102

(216) 651-0077



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