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Did you know???

Beech Brook has a new program

For teen foster moms ages 17-21!!!


M & M’s

Moms and Mentors


There’s a new program available for young moms 17-21

Who have aged out or are about to age out of foster care.


Beech Brook will match teen moms with mentors who will offer support

and help them work on building relationships with their children, parenting skills, anger/stress management

and basic life skills. Teen moms will take part in weekly classes for education and support.

Incentives and snacks will be provided.


Class Location

Beech Brook Family Drop-In Center

Carl B. Stokes Social Services Mall, Room 2260

6001 Woodland Ave., Cleveland


Thursdays, 3:30-5pm


If you are a teen who is interested, or if you would like to refer a teen

or become a mentor, please call Vanessa Davis at 216.391.4069





Beech Brook: Bringing Hope to Children and Families since 1852

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