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African-American college graduates make, on average, one million dollars more over their lifetimes than people with only a high school degree. You do the math. – Education Pay$.

Education Pays – Get Yours is a campaign designed to motivate youth, particularly African-American 10-13 year old boys, to connect with services, people and programs that will help them achieve success in school. This program is being coordinated in three Cleveland neighborhoods: Mt. Pleasant, Central and Slavic Village. BBC is serving as a lead agency in the Central neighborhood.

When contacted, BBC will provide youth with names and phone numbers to area agencies in the Central neighborhood that provide educational and mentoring resources. This will allow youth to have direct access to ask any questions they may have based on their individual needs.

Education Pays – Get Yours will run until August 2009. Keep in touch with BBC and area agencies to learn about more exciting projects and initiatives that this project has in store in the coming months!

If you are interested in more information, please contact BBC at 216.341.1455, or visit the Education Pays – Get Yours website at:

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