Urban Farm Diet

Annexed to Cleveland in 1873, the Kinsman neighborhood has many exciting initiatives underway including some very creative uses for vacant land.  In the heart of this neighborhood youth can enjoy the educational, hands-on experience of the Urban Farm Diet.

This experiential learning will build and bring to life the meanings of contemporary food-related vocabulary; terms such as urban agriculture, farm to plate, locavore, aquaponics, and vermiculture.  Through hands-on experience students will learn about eco-systems and food growing systems along with a variety of produce types students may not have previously been exposed to, building the Urban Farm Diet.

The Urban Farm Diet program was created by Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. and Ridall Green Partnership.

To have a full understanding of the Urban Farm Diet, this experiential learning will take place over two days in two locations in the heart of the Kinsman neighborhood.

The two locations are the BBC’s Cornucopia Place and the Rid All Green Partnership Rid All Farm.  CornUcopia Place is a community facility providing fresh food and nutrition education, including cooking demonstrations and a harvest prep station for local market gardeners.

Rid All farm is a 1.3 acre urban farm and training center that serves as a food oasis and permaculture design site.

During this two-day experience, students will connect grade 4 through 12 curriculum, building from the subject areas of Math, Science, Health Education and English.

Students will build math and science skills understanding, ecosystems, photosynthesis and nutrient assimilation, permaculture, composting, aquaponics, and data collection within an urban agriculture context.

Health education skills will be developed exploring nutrition education, healthy eating habits, understanding positive health choices, chronic disease triggers, active living and understanding peer influence of healthy behaviors.