Code Enforcement

In partnership with the City of Cleveland Department of Building & Housing, BBC performs code enforcement in order to stabilize the neighborhoods in its service area and ensure that residents are living in safe, healthy homes.

The purpose of BBC’s code enforcement program is primarily to help owners understand their responsibilities for maintaining their properties, as well as how the condition and appearance of their buildings impact their neighborhood as a whole.

BBC and the Department of Building & Housing jointly identify inspection areas on which to focus, with the intent to survey the agency’s entire service area within three years.  Staff reviews the exterior of each house in that area for violations such as loose gutters, broken or missing windows, peeling paint, missing or damaged roof shingles, inoperable vehicles stored in yards, and dilapidated garages.

Homeowners are notified of any code violations that have been discovered.  They are encouraged to voluntarily initiate repairs within thirty days and BBC provides information regarding available home repair programs and resources to assist them in doing so.  Homeowners who refuse to voluntarily correct noted code issues are referred to the Department of Building & Housing.

Vacant and abandoned properties, often a threat to neighborhood safety, are also a target of the code enforcement program.  These buildings are referred to the City of Cleveland for citation, and when necessary, condemnation and demolition.

If you have further questions about the code enforcement program or need assistance in correcting a code violation, please contact Larry LaPrade at (216) 341-1455.