Partnerships with Neighborhood Schools

The United Way of Greater Cleveland (UWGC) is an agency that invests in individuals and families so they can achieve their human potential through education, income stability and healthy lives. To make strides toward achieving their goals, UWGC invested in the Kinsman and Central neighborhoods.

In 2013, UWGC and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District partnered to develop the Community School Wrap Around Strategy for investments schools throughout Cleveland. Five schools in Kinsman and Central (Anton Grdina, Marion Sterling, George Washington Carver STEM, Alfred Benesch, and East Technical High School) were selected to be a part of this initiative.

BBC was selected as the lead agency to support the work at Anton Grdina and George Washington Carver STEM to increase the rate of attendance, decease the rate of tardiness, increase parent engagement, and establish and enhance community partnerships. After the first year implementing this strategy at Anton Grdina, we have seen great improvements and are confident that test scores and grades will continue to improve. In February 2015, BBC hired a Site Coordinator for George Washington Carver STEM.

For more information about the wraparound strategy  visit or call BBC at 216.341.1455.