High School Internship Program

Alan Johnson, BBC's East Tech Intern from 2005

Alan Johnson, BBC’s East Tech Intern from 2005

BBC routinely hires qualified high school students living in the Central and Kinsman to serve as an intern with the organization.

The High School Internship Program, which began in 2000, allows a promising East Tech High School senior to gain professional work exposure at BBC’s office for up to twenty hours a week during the school year and over the summer.

The program provides teens within the community with the opportunity to work for good wages while being exposed to the field of community development and aiding in the revitalization of their neighborhood.

Most of the young persons that participated in the East Tech Internship Program have gone on to be very successful in college, with some pursuing a career in community development or related fields.

Please check back for information about when we are hiring our next high school intern or call our office at (216) 341-1455.