Green Infrastructure

Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) is leading the charge to reduce combined sewer overflow pollution to Lake Erie by four billion gallons over twenty-five years.

BBC fully supports and embraces these efforts to improve local water quality and manage stormwater. To this end, we have partnered with NEORSD to development high-quality green infrastructure in our service area that positively impacts the environment as well as beautifies and enhances our neighborhoods.

Green infrastructure includes rain gardens, bioswales, rooftop gardens, permeable paving, green streets, and cisterns and rain barrels. These natural interventions eliminate the need for costly gray infrastructure and divert stormwater from water treatment plants, which are energy and resource intensive.

NEORSD and BBC have collaborated on the following green infrastructure projects within the Kingsbury Run watershed:

Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone (north of Kinsman, east of E 79th St): Green infrastructure is the perfect complement to the creative sustainable land uses and local food initiatives that have been occurring in the Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone (UAIZ) since 2010.

The UAIZ green infrastructure project includes separated storm sewers, as well as bioretention basins layered with existing and new amenities.  One basin will flank a new pathway that connects the UAIZ to the E 79th St RTA Blue-Green Rapid Station.  Another decorates land that had been vacant at Otter Park with a beautiful array of flowers and trees.  In all, more than 1.6 acres will be planted with native species that will attract and be home to birds, butterflies, and pollinators.  The remaining two basins will form an elaborate entry feature into the zone along Kinsman Rd.  The project, which is slated for completion in 2017, will also include an outdoor classroom for community events and education programming.


Colfax Green Links: Colfax Green Links is a scattered site green infrastructure retrofit that will alleviate the stormwater demands on the local combined sewers. This investment totaling $250,000 will directly benefit the residents living on Colfax Road. The project will mitigate the risks of flooding, contribute to the growth of local produce, and foster a better understanding of green infrastructure.

The central location for the project will be at E 75th and Colfax Road. The intersection drains towards the northwest, where ponding typically occurs during rain events. This ponding can cause safety concerns for motorists and pedestrians and is only worsened during the winter when it can freeze. These three infiltration facilities can dissipate a 10-year storm event in its entirety, providing improvements in safety to all traveling through this intersection.

A small cistern and pump will provide water to maintain the Four Corners Orchard at the intersection of Colfax Rd and E 75th St. Colfax Green Links will be capturing run-off from 93,450 square feet of impervious surfaces from Colfax Rd and the adjacent properties. The project will effectively remove 2,298,611 gallons of sewage from entering Lake Erie annually.


We will continue to update this page with information about projects that are in the planning phase.