Streetscape & Greening

In addition to housing and economic development, BBC actively strives for the streets of the Central, Kinsman, and Garden Valley neighborhoods to have an aesthetically enriched, beautiful appearance that inspires community and encourages investment in properties.

In 2007, the City of Cleveland Department of Community Development designated three areas within BBC’s service area as Model Blocks.  The objective is for these blocks to exemplify their respective neighborhoods both physically and socially.  To fulfill this end, BBC is rehabilitating vacant housing, assisting homeowners with exterior home repairs, organizing block clubs, and guiding them in their pursuit of small grant funding.

Acknowledging the need to ensure that future development along Kinsman Road and other major commercial corridors in the Central, Kinsman, and Garden Valley neighborhoods, BBC led the initiative to establish a City of Cleveland design review district.  A committee of residents, architects and design professionals, business owners, and other stakeholders with knowledge of the community adds a layer of review to ensure that designs of proposed buildings are held to a high standard.

Implemented in 2009, the Neighborhood Landscape Enterprise is a program of BBC that employs  residents of BBC’s neighborhoods to beautify residential and commercial properties.  These crew members have the opportunity to pursue a degree in Plant Science and Landscape Technology.  Other benefits are that funds paid for services are recycled back into the community, develops the local tax base, increases community pride, and enhances the overall quality of life for residents.

Lastly, the agency is involved in the establishment of greenspace throughout the Central, Kinsman, and Garden Valley neighborhoods for recreation and leisure.

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