A vast area of vacant land along Grand and Ensign Avenues and Kinsman Road in the Central neighborhood has become home to an expansive greenhouse powered by hydroponic technology.

The Green City Growers Cooperative is an initiative of the Evergreen Cooperatives, launched by an initial investment from the Cleveland Foundation.  BBC, in collaboration with the City of Cleveland Department of Economic Development, assisted with the real estate development and community outreach aspects of the project.

Green City Growers Greenhouse under construction.

The $17 million greenhouse, situated on ten acres, utilizes approximately five acres of growing area and is expected to produce three million heads of lettuce and leafy greens and three hundred thousand pounds of herbs annually.  This produce will then be marketed to grocery stores and food service companies in Cleveland, as well as customers within a 150-mile radius.

Green City Growers will employ approximately thirty-five residents from the Greater University Circle neighborhood, and as a social enterprise, will allow employees to become owners of the business and share in the profits of the company.

The Green City Growers Cooperative has garnered national media attention from several well-known publications, including The Economist, The Nation and Business Week.

The Green City Growers Greenhouse opened for business in December 2012.

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