Social Enterprise

Inside of one of Rid-All Green Partnership’s high tunnels within the Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone

Burten, Bell, Carr Development, Inc. has initiated the establishment of social enterprises, organizations with the objective of capturing a triple bottom line that would take into account people, the environment, and profit.

A portion of the Forgotten Triangle  has potential to become a thriving area in which a variety of plants for different purposes are grown.  The project, entitled the Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone, will become a producer of local food and bio-fuels, clean contaminated land with phyto-remediation, and detain storm water runoff. Two partners, Rid-All Green Partnership and Ohio State University Extension, are currently farming on approximately seven and a half acres of formerly vacant land.

BBC is partnering in the development of the Green City Growers Greenhouse that will become a major producer of lettuce and herbs.  Twenty-five to thirty new jobs for neighborhood residents are anticipated to be created, and employees will have a stake in the ownership.

In 2012, BBC opened a restaurant called Bridgeport Cafe, which makes available locally grown food in the Kinsman neighborhood. The café  offers a healthy variety of fresh salads, wraps, soups, baked goods, and hand-crafted sandwiches.

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