Kinsman Road Multi-Modal Study (2013)

Kinsman accident

BBC’s plan for Kinsman Road will calm traffic, increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists, and reduce vehicular collisions.

Kinsman Road is the main artery of the Kinsman neighborhood.  The street, as it is engineered and designed today, accommodates fast-moving automobile traffic as a commuter route between Downtown Cleveland and the city’s eastern suburbs more so than community members who walk, cycle, or use transit by choice or out of necessity. Subsequently, the experience of those community members has been called dangerous, uncomfortable, and inconvenient.

Approximately 40% of Kinsman residents do not have access to an automobile, and instead depend on walking, cycling, or public transportation as their primary form of transportation. Community members have expressed concerns about Kinsman Road in master planning and target area planning in 2006 and 2011, respectively, as well as various community meetings.

In 2013, BBC received a grant from Enterprise Community Partners to further sustainability and promote sustainable mobility in Kinsman. Grant funds would be utilized to study and visualize the potential to pedestrianize and improve the bikeability of Kinsman Road.  

BBC’s vision is that existing infrastructure could be adapted to include pedestrian and cycling treatments that make Kinsman Road more conducive for walking, biking, and transit use.  These treatments could include new crosswalks, new lane configurations, bike lanes, and streetscape improvements. Because the plan would not call for major modifications, it could be implemented within three to five years.

BBC hired a transportation engineering consultant and engaged stakeholders and community members to determine what they would like to see in a redesigned Kinsman Road between East 68th and 84th Streets.  Our consultant would also identify common goals, create draft alternatives for discussion and evaluation, and develop the selected alternative to be implemented in the near future. 

The result of this process, which took place in Summer and Fall 2013, is the Kinsman Road Multi-Modal Transportation Study.  We anticipate that the improvements contained in the plan will encourage and promote healthy, active, and sustainable transportation and support those who walk, bike, or use transit both out of necessity and by choice.

Download the Kinsman Road Multi-Modal Transportation Study here.

We anticipate components, including a school zone and crosswalks, to be implemented in 2014. We will continue to advocate for the remainder of the project to be completed in the near future.