Senior Housing

Alternative elevation for senior housing in the Lower Central neighborhood

Alternative elevation for senior housing in the Lower Central neighborhood

To ensure that older adults from the Central and Kinsman neighborhoods have access to safe, healthy, affordable places to live, BBC has embarked on the development of multi-family senior housing within their communities.

BBC first created new housing opportunities for seniors in partnership with Lutheran Housing Corporation (now known as Community Housing Solutions) at Gabriel’s Green in 2000.

In 2009, the McGregor Foundation held a three-day design charrette in which architects and other professionals created development concepts for sites in four of the neighborhoods surrounding University Circle.  One of these sites selected for intense study was located in the Upper Central neighborhood/Fairfax Statistical Planning Area in BBC’s service area.  The primary objectives of the charrette was to create enthusiasm for affordable senior housing in the inner city and for the spirit of competition to generate innovative ideas for building designs and features.  Senior citizens, residents, and other stakeholders were invited throughout the process to provide input on exterior aesthetics, layouts, and features.  BBC will collaborate with the McGregor Foundation and winning design team to bring this concept into fruition the the funding environment is more conducive for senior housing.

Within the last few years, BBC has pursued resources for development of an affordable multi-family housing facility for seniors in the Lower Central area.