Heritage View Homes

Rendering of the new Garden Valley Estates

Rendering of the new Garden Valley Estates

BBC has partnered with the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) and Falbo/Penrose on the development of Heritage View Homes, located between Sidaway Avenue and East 79th Street, from Kinsman Road to Carson Avenue.  This five-year, $100 million project calls for the replacement of approximately 628 units of the antiquated Garden Valley Estates, only 70% of which had been occupied, dispersed throughout thirty acres with 350 new townhomes, apartment units, and single-family homes.

The Garden Valley Estates were built in 1950’s, and have been described by CMHA as “distressed” in quality.  Building types are also considered outdated, with amenities that no longer accommodate modern lifestyles.  The walk-up apartment-style buildings, which comprised slightly over half of the total number of units, possessed safety concerns in their common entrances

and unoccupied, unmonitored hallways and stairwells.  Because structures were awkwardly situated, nearly ten acres of greenspace are underutilized and possess no meaningful use.  As a result, the sentiment of residents has been that “the comprehensive replacement of electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems, windows, doors, finishes, etc. would not render the individual units suitable for meeting the standards of today’s family,” and that the Garden Valley Estates should be razed and rebuilt in their entirety.

The Garden Valley/Kinsman Neighborhood Master Plan process, which was driven by the input of residents and other community stakeholders over the course of several public meetings, identified townhomes as the prevailing housing style.  They desired for each unit to possess its own private outdoor space and closely-located parking. The plan also calls for new-construction single-family homes to be well integrated into the existing street grid where possible and for the physical and social boundaries between public and private housing to be eradicated to establish a sense of inclusion and community.  To download the entire Garden Valley/Kinsman neighborhood site plan, please click here. For renderings of the new Garden Valley Estates, please click here.

Phase I, which entailed the construction of eighty-one townhomes, was commenced by the Garden Valley Demolition Celebration, which took place on July 16, 2008.  Phase I construction has been concentrated between Sidaway Avenue and East 71st Street along Kinsman Road.

The second phase of the project consisted of a forty-unit apartment building constructed at Kinsman Road and East 73rd Street.  Seventeen single-family scattered-site homes were also developed throughout the project area.  When completed, Phase III possesses an additional twenty-three single-family homes and forty-six townhome units.  The development team is seeking funding for the final two phases of the project, which entails the demolition of the last-standing unoccupied Garden Valley Estates buildings and construction of  the remaining 143 housing units.

Heritage View Homes was featured on WKYC Channel 3 in November 2011.

The plan also incorporates a new Anton Grdina preK-8 school, which has been built on the existing site of Port Park at East 71st Street and Port Avenue.  The new facility opened its doors to students for the 2011-2012 school year.  The land occupied by the former Anton Grdina school building is tentatively planned as a central organizing green.

The former Garden Valley Estates undergoing demolition

The former Garden Valley Estates undergoing demolition

The substantial investment in the Garden Valley Estates and Anton Grdina School compliment a plethora of development projects that has been recently completed or are planned for the Garden Valley neighborhood.  This includes East Central Place, which was completed in 2006 and brought family market-rate homes, single-family lease-to-purchase homes, single-family public housing to Colfax Road and Minnie Avenue; Bridgeport Place, BBC’s new-construction $2.2 million shopping center at Kinsman Road and East 72nd Street opening in 2008; the $5.95 million rehabilitation of Kinsman Road and Woodland Avenue in 2009; $1 million renovation of the Marion Motley Playfields in 2013; $3.65 million replacement of Fire Station No. 26 in 2012; the new headquarters of CMHA located at East 80th Street and Kinsman Road; BBC’s Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone at East 81st Street north of Kinsman Avenue; and targeted investment in the City of Cleveland-designated Bridgeport Model Block, a program that has focused of the comprehensive physical improvement and social enrichment of Colfax Road.

To view the BBC’s Forgotten Triangle Master Plan, which includes additional future plans for the Kinsman Garden Valley neighborhood, please click here.