East Cedar Apartments

BBC is in the process of rehabilitating an existing three-story brick residential building at 7302 Cedar Avenue as East Cedar Apartments. The 11,438 square foot structure will contain 3 one-bedroom and 9 two-bedroom units, a total of twelve apartments for low-income households.

The building has been vacant for many years. Previously, a private developer owned the building and performed some renovation work, but the full rehabilitation was never completed. The developer would eventually run out of funds and lose the building to tax foreclosure, and BBC acquired it at sheriff sale.

The renovation of the building is important for many reasons. It anchors a City of Cleveland-designated model block in which more than thirty units of affordable and market-rate housing have been built in the last fifteen years and millions of dollars have been invested. Tenants will benefit from the building’s proximity to the Health Tech Corridor. Additionally, the neighborhoods we serve lack affordable rental housing that it not public housing. East Cedar Apartments helps fulfill that need, which has been expressed by the community for several years.

As much of the existing building stock in the neighborhood has been razed over the last forty years, East Cedar Apartments preserves a traditional structure that possesses many of the qualities desired in modern architecture. It is human scale, dense, urban, and helps foster a walkable community. It celebrates the heritage of the neighborhood.