Go Green on Model Blocks and Save!

Would you like to save money on your energy and water bills?

Would you like to do your part in making Cleveland a healthier place for your family and neighbors?


Sign up today for the Green Model Block Program

The first 20 households to sign up in your neighborhood will receive an in-home visit by a certified professional.

All participants will receive:

  • Installation of energy saving compact florescent light bulbs
  • Installation of water saving devices – low-flow shower heads,  faucet aerators  and toilet dams
  • Refrigerator energy metering


All homeowners and tenants will receive this service completely FREE of CHARGE, no matter their income. Income qualified residents will be offered access to additional programs to receive replacement Energy Star appliances, and weatherization service.

Call Today!

Contact Patrick Kennedy at (216) 341- 1455 or pkennedy@bbcdevelopment.org

This limited time offer is only available until June 15th, 2012—SIGN UP TODAY

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