Become a neighborhood leader in 2012!

The Neighborhood Leadership Development Program (NLDP):

Do you have an idea, project or neighborhood based organization that is trying to make Cleveland a better City?

*Do you want to improve your leadership skills but have not had an opportunity?

*Are you having trouble applying for grants, finding and retaining volunteers, or getting others to see your vision?

*Could you benefit from a  program that increases your skills, resources and  knowledge?

*Would you like to be a part of a growing  network of citizens who are committed to making Cleveland the City we all know it can be?

The Neighborhood Leadership Development
Program (NLDP)
is a free 12 session, 8 month program that provides individuals the tools
needed to become more leaders in their neighborhoods. These tools are in the
form of knowledge, experience and a network of dedicated Clevelanders. The NLDP
is looking to select 16 Clevelanders for the 2011-2012 Cohort. The new class
begins in September.


The Neighborhood Leadership Development Program
(NLDP) is a unique program designed to enhance the diverse leadership abilities
of engaged Clevelanders who are committed to creating a city and region
which works for everyone.


The vision of the Neighborhood Leadership
Development Program is to foster the growth of a new vanguard of engaged
neighborhood leaders in the City of Cleveland who are prepared and committed to
creating progressive change in a variety of areas throughout Cleveland and the

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